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To All the Awesome Go Green Fitness Members,

As you may, or may not know, Go Green Fitness is relocating and building a new studio. I am very excited about this because it gives us the opportunity to become new and improved!

This is the progress update I promised you guys. Everyone is anxious for the Grand Re-Opening and so am I. Tonight the architect is dropping off revised prints and we should be able to get going!

When I bump into people I am asked about the new classes we will be adding in addition to Spinning.

The yoga classes are going to be amazing. We are going to have a very high level yogi, practiced in multiple yoga disciplines, has years of experience and will be dedicated to working with everyone at all levels.

Interval Training
This is a high-intensity interval training class that will not only enhance cardiovascular fitness but will also feature full body strength and conditioning. You'll be switching from and an aerobic cardiovascular exercise to an anaerobic resiistance exercise every 1-2 minutes. This switching forces the body to burn more calories! Hooray for us!! The class will be beneficial to all fitness levels from beginner to hardcore. You start at your own level of conditioning and simply improve upon it. This class is all the rage on the West Coast. By the way, it will also be lots of fun!!

Variety is one of the core concepts in constructing a successful fitness plan. Our schedule of classes will be offering that variety.

Go Green Fitness is much more than a fitness boutique - it's a family of the most awesome people. A labor of love not limited to just health and wellness but of the personal relationship I have with each of you. You are the motivation for me to do things right. I will continue to keep you posted as the construction progresses. Check the website for updates.

See you soon, Rob
203 605-2501

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